Interface to monitor speaker cable

Is there any difference between a 6.5mm TRS plug to plug cable and a 6.5mm TRS plug to XLR male for connecting an interface to a powered monitor speaker?

  • Sound quality or any noise? (Shouldn’t be if they are each balanced).
  • Other factors to take into consideration?


As far as I know, from an electrical point of view there is no difference, if the cable is correctly connected. The XLR connector is locked in position and the electrical contact is better compared to the TRS connector. The latter infact could be noisy if you rotate the male plug inside the female socket.

I agree with @Renato. As long as the cables are truly balanced you should not have any problems @Mr-Shortcuts

TRS and XLR are basically the same in design (hot, cold ground) only difference is in practical use. You won’t have any problems conecting TRS to XLR, You just need to watch what are you connecting:

TRS Ground to XLR pin 1
TRS Tip to XLR pin 2
TRS Cold to XLR pin 3

Maybe it’s easier like this :smiley:

Thanks guys.

I’ve been on the hunt for some not overly-expensive cables for my new monitor speakers and found and ordered “two TRS plugs to male XLR cables.” They finally get here and on opening the cardboard notice it’s a double cable, not two separate cables! Grr! Just great for two monitor speakers that don’t sit next to each other! :roll_eyes: I’m not going to tear them apart just for my situation here in case I need such a cable in the future.

So now I’m looking for two single cables, 1.8 metres each is sufficient, and even if amazingly possible different colours. I have found ones like this but will doing a hard consideration before going with what I found due to cost.

I’ll post some links in my next entry here, cos I’m on my phone laying in bed now and it’s easier on my computer. So, stay tuned!

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I should add what’s also hindering my search is lack of available sizes. I’ve seen 30cm, 50cm, 90cm (1 foot), 1, 3, 5, and 10 metres plus other longer lengths. All I want is 1.5 to 2 metres. Ones I have found are rare and also expensive to me. But as I said above, I’ll have to consider them more if I don’t find something I want.

Solder them yourself, I would but I’m bit far, and I’m guessing postal fee would be more than cables :smiley:

Here you go

With different colors

And great one, Neutrik…if you want best, chose Neutrik. You can choose color and length:


Yes, on checking out those links, the first 3 postage costs are ridiculous. The 4th one is the one I ordered that I don’t want to tear apart in case I need such a cable in the future as I said, and the 5th one is top quality yes, but again, postage is more than the cable.

As for soldering them myself, to be honest I can’t really be stuffed sourcing all the components (which should all be in the same shop anyway and if not, that’s more running around) and then taking the time putting it together myself. I’d rather get it done professionally, prefab if you want to call it, rather than rely on my feeble efforts that might need troubleshooting in the future. I haven’t done any soldering for years.

It might turn out all the bits and cable, plus a new soldering iron and stuff would come near to the cost a new item anyway.

Thanks for your research and info, @Saba. It is much appreciated. It has helped me with some deciding.


@Mr-Shortcuts well here is always value vs. quality. I think you should be OK with your choice. I like to solder my cables my self. I always use Neutrik connectors and Klotz or Mogami cables. Hope they serve you long and well!