Installing on Mac & PC

I’m using Adobe CC on both my PC and my Mac. Would I be able to use the Audition 3.1 presets on each computer?

I’m shooting video too and using Premiere Pro. The PC I’m recording audio to into Auditon is new, but it has a terrible screen which is worthless for color. I’m editing the video on the Mac so I get colors correct. [[ We keep changing location so the lighting is totally out of control and different on each shoot. ]]

If I could only use the presets on one computer, I’d just do the audio edits on the PC. The mac is an older laptop with short battery life and we can’t always plug into a power source which is why I’m not recording the audio directly into the Mac using Audition.

Yes, your Adobe CC license allows you to install software on two computers at a time. You will certainly be able to use my Audition 3.1 presets on both your PC and Mac. Just make sure to keep your settings synced but you should only need to do this one time.

Given your setup I think doing audio edits on the PC and color-correct video on the Mac seems like a good workflow. You’re navigating those challenges well!