Injected Ads, Announcements, etc in Podcasts

Does anyone have experience with injecting ads, announcements, etc into their Podcasts? I’m talking with a company called Podify and they claim they can future-proof your podcasts by injecting up-to-date announcements or ads in both current and older podcasts.

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You definitely want to make sure to choose a podcast host that lets you dynamically add ads to your podcast (having them produced in the actual episodes is definitely not future proof!), it’s also a much more appealing option for any potential sponsors.

Are there other hosts besides Podify that dynamically insert announcements or ads?

I believe it’s PodBean or Spreaker. We have done a comprehensive article on podcast hosts here: you may find it useful :slight_smile:

I will check them out! It appears Podbean and Spreaker both have dynamic ad insertion.

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