Improving vocals from overhead speakers

Greetings -

I’m brand new here and this seems like a great place for advice, which I am hoping to get here.

I’m using Premiere Pro / Audition to tweak the audio in my video.

I recorded a speaking event on my video camera, and the room was using overhead ceiling speakers.

I’m hoping for a few ideas or suggestions on how to improve the audio quality.

I am not hoping for miracles, but to improve the overall quality would be great!

Any and all ideas are appreciated.


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Hey Thanatos! Can you share the audio?

It’s got an echo to the room which I am trying to reduce.

Here’s a snippet of the event. It was a “roast” for a friend.
It was simple in nature… and I understand if it can’t be completely fixed.

Oh… I already did a noise print process on it.


PS - I tried to do an upload but was informed that New Users can’t upload files.
I guess I have to wait a day or so before I can.

In the meantime I will provide more details about the environment -

The event was recorded with a consumer level Canon video recorder.
I only use it for random events, and it’s not my living. :wink:

The recorder was very receptive to the different noises and background chatter.

The room was a large dining hall with overhead speakers. The audio quality is ok… but I was hoping to do more, if it’s possible. I was trying to work with the compression and EQ levels, but couldn’t achieve what I was hoping for.

As soon, as I can upload, I will… I will try later on tonight and see what happens.

Thanks is a good way to upload clips