Importing Presets into Audition 2020 on mac

HI Folks
I’ve taken the plunge into Audition 2020 from my working CS 5.5.
I’ve re scanned for my Plugins and it’s kinda brought them all over however, my WAVES plugins were in my VST folder on CS5.5, but are now in the AU folder in Auditon2020. Consequentially, when I open, for example, my L316 none of my stored Presets are there.
I thought copying effectspresets.XML and Favourites.XML over would bring them all?
Any thoughts gladly welcome?
Screen Shot 2021-01-16 at 02.55.33
As a newbie I can’t post more than 1 picture.

I believe that Waves have their own ways of storing presets inside the plugins they create.

It’s not done natively inside the DAW (in this case Audition) so copying the Audition XML file wouldn’t have an impact. If I remember correctly you can store your presets in a json file by hitting export in the relevant Waves plugin. You’d need to go back to your old setup in order to export first however.

Ah, thank you Mike, that makes sense. I screen shotted the settings of the most important ones and started from scratch re building them. :slight_smile:
Thank you for the awesome YouTube content. There is some incredible stuff.