Im new here and new to Adobe Audition 2021 HELP

Hi so I download my music with Audials 2021 and it was on Spotify. But in Adobe Audition 2021 when I open most of them the full level is always in red and that not good how do I fix that as no video tutorial online has shown me how to fix this?
here pic

If you purchase your music from a reputable source you’ll find you’ll get the full dynamic range as the track was produced and mastered and there won’t be any clipping.

Would amazon music be a good place?
It’s only mp3 through.

Is it Royalty Free music you are after? Or something else?

Hi no not royal music. My music collection is from the youtube music. I want to buy indifidual music but most of them i can find from amazon music but the mp3 as i understand i would prefer flag but is mp3 if i buy the music from amazon will be fully high quality without any distortion in adobe audition?

Amazon should be a reliable source. You may want to drop them a line and enquire on the file spec before you purchase. Ideally you want to purchase WAV files or high quality mp3 (320 kbps, 44100Hz, 32 bit). Hope this helps!

If it’s for radio use you’ll find you can buy complete libraries on hard drives that are full quality files. You can then import these into your playout system.

These don’t come cheap mind you.

This is a great topic @syfer1987 and thanks for raising it.

The answer is that it is tough to legally download high quality versions of music tracks. As @markdenholm mentions radio stations can buy in bulk libraries but that can get expensive.

When I was running my online radio station I finally settled on Amazon Music with the legal mp3 downloads when you buy a track. However, as you mention, mp3 is not the highest quality and you could do much better.

I researched around and found the site HDTracks and, while I’ve not used it, it looks promising and has some popular hits like The Eagles in 192kHz 24bit quality.

Another option I read about was that you could simply buy the CDs and then rip those into high quality FLAC files. Check the laws in your area first as even this is not legal everywhere.