I'll call from a landline when I call 1.415.800.1055 in the future

@Mike I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to “phone a friend” during your Creating Gameshow Style Voice Overs broadcast, today. I realized when hearing the playback that calling you on a landline would make for much better audio quality. So, now that I know that the cell phone is “the weakest link Goodbye” the next time I “Come On Down” for a call it won’t be on my mobile. :wink:

Long live the MRC daily live stream!

And @Mike, Blake Shelton’s Big Head is always keeping an eye on us in the studio.


Hi @PaulOrr.com

My internet was playing up so only heard of it being a Paul on the phone, didn’t know it was you. Really good to hear you join the stream today.

Love the pic(s). Thank you for sharing them with the community!

Thanks @DavidHunterScot I appreciate it, sir. Definitely realized when I heard the playback that I should call from a landline for a clearer signal in the future. However, I won’t stalk @Mike too often. The radio geek in me just loves that MRC Live added a live call in number. Our Morning Guy, Opie Joe here at WCYQ in Knoxville, TN USA was wondering this morning if he will debut video calls soon? Hmm…

I wouldn’t recommend it cos it could cause lag while streaming, assuming you’re talking about a VOIP service like Skype or Google Hangouts, if you’re talking about an actual video call, that would possibly save on internet lag a bit, and would probably be poor quality, but would prove to be quite expensive. It’s expensive enough UK to UK, (and I assume US to US) but would be even more costly cross country.

It’s something he can think about, and we love the suggestion, but I don’t see it being good for a live stream.

Perhaps others may have a thought on this too?

When I called Mike on September 6th 2017, I was using a wired telephone and I noticed (I was watching the live streaming) that my call was delayed about 30 seconds on YouTube, so it’s not a" live streaming" but a “delayed streaming” instead. :sunglasses:
After that I understood Mike’s recommendation to reduce the computer sound level.

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Good thoughts, sir. You have expertise in this area @DavidHunterScot and it is appreciated.

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Good on you for calling, @Renato. A funny thing: we always chuckle at the callers who are a little nervous when they call our radio station…yet, when I called into MRC Live I found myself with a touch of the gitters. :flushed:

Will look out for that, and might post it in the community later if it would make you feel any worse about it :wink:

Absolutely! I’m all for anything that improves.

I must say you sounded different in the call which is also why I didn’t recognise you. Been listening to your demos and videos all weekend as part of a hush hush, so have your voice with all the compression and stuff added in my head.

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Hi @PaulOrr.com, I did not see the show live, I will see the replay in a few minutes. Great photo!


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Ha ha, love this!

I tuned in for some of your radio show yesterday on Q100.3 Country. You were counting down tunes when I tuned in - sounded awesome, Paul!

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