Ideas for Music Radio Creative Seminar

If MRC comes together for a live event in London or other cities, something I think would help participants form lasting and meaningful relationships is to assign each attender to a buddy or mentor. The pair would interact and maybe even form a lasting friendship.

What if each attender was assigned a buddy or mentor and placed in a larger family of 3 or 4 people who could work on a group project while attending? Could that help us connect and reap more from our time together?

Knowing Mike and Izabela, they’ve already thought of this but it would be a great opportunity to have the latest and best products on display for hands on test drives.

Oh, and participants should have the opportunity to display competency in specific areas to receive MRC certification in that exercise. An audio producer who is MRC certified in Digital Production, Mastering or even Copy Writing would add instant credibility to their resume would they not?

I believe the opportunity to connect with this very special group of creatives from around the world would be life changing, career enhancing and would produce life-long memories.


This sounds like a great idea and might also help in addressing the issue that @mike raised earlier in the week on one of the live broadcasts about helping out those community members with varying degrees of knowledge as far as Adobe Audition and audio production as a whole are concerned.

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