I Want To Set Up A Live Podcast Studio (Wednesday 19th July 2017)

Hoping to get a rig up and running to stream and record a live podcast for local community.

Where is the best place to host the shows?

Youtube for sure… Free archiving, stereo sound, and a ton more… What’s to think about?

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I want to add Skype, Phone, a mix minus to a live podcast.
What gear and software do I need?

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One useful tool for you phone mix minus is Voicemeter Banana. I have been using this tool for well over a year and it is rock solid. The software is donation ware, so pay what ever you like! Keep in mind how much the audio equipment cost to pull this off in a radio station. I used it on the air last football season to cover the local games and it worked great. The program in essence is a software mixer that allows you to combine any audio on your pc.

More info here: http://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/banana.htm<img

Mike have you used this program?

Have it. It’s brill.

I’m doing local games as well SNAP!

Great insights today into podcast setup. Thank you Mike and Izzy (caller on line 1)
I’m off out shopping for gear.

If you want to add a phone line to your live podcast setup you’re gonna need one of these …