I saved the presets to the effects rack, but it doesn't show any processes to turn on and off

Sorry for the noob question, I double clicked on the file, installed the presets and I can tell they’re working by dragging a short clip in there. I want to implement them onto my audiobook recording, so I tried to save each as a named option in the effects rack - which looks like it’s worked, but when I click on them there are no processes below to turn on or off - unlike the native installed effects rack effects. What am I doing wrong? Many thanks,

Hi Mark, I am not sure which exact presets you use but this is correct - our presets wouldn’t necessarily show all effects in the effects rack as some of them have been run through bus routings etc. Does that make sense?

HI Izabela, thanks for replying. OK, so to follow on one basic question with another, if I’ve already got a multitrack edit of an audiobook, how do I apply these (voiceover audition) presets to each track? That’s why I was looking to put them in the effects rack, as I know how to apply them from there. When I load them into Audition they appear as various tracks themselves, but I’m not sure how to then apply them to my existing project. Again, sorry, I’m a new user of Audition and have been teaching myself from YT. Many thanks!

No worries Mark, This should be what you are looking for: I need more than one speciality track

I’m sure I’m being a muppet here, but that just adds blank tracks with the presets applied. If I open my existing multitrack audiobook, with audio in there and edits all done. How do I apply the presets to those existing multitrack recordings? Everything I do seems to just open a clean preset multitrack which has no audio in it. I recognise this is my skillset limiting the process, i’m sure there’s a way, I just don’t know what it is. Thanks again.