I have distorted audio but with no apparent clipping

I used my new Rode VideoMic NTG with my Canon XA50 at my son’s basketball game. I had the camera’s audio preamp/gain set on 3 or 4 for the audio and the mic preamp/gain set on 10. Did NOT have the Mic’s -20 pad set. The audio came out distorted especially when there was loud noises such a parents cheering or loud music. I did not bring my headphones/earbuds to listen to the sound being recorded to adjust the settings unfortunately.

I do not see any clipping in the audio waveform. Is there a simple solution in Adobe Audition or any sound software to fix this audio or is it crap? Hopefully the sample audio upload goes through.

Thank you for any help.

Here is a photo of the waveform.

Here is the waveform expanded.

That’s analogue distortion meaning the audio was louder than your mic could handle at those settings. I’d 100% recommend putting on the -10 dB or (even better) -20 dB pad to get those recording levels really low and monitor on earphones if you are able.

You can try Window > Diagnostics > DeClipper > Restore Heavily Clipped in Adobe Audition but I doubt it’ll make much difference. This effect works best with distorted and clipped speech but it’s worth a try.

Thank you Mike. I appreciate the advice and video content you provide.