I can't get voice tracks out of the red

using the presets 3.0… i can’t get my voices to lower level without turning them way down on the track and the volume level on the waveform itself… seems like that is counter productive to the master, or match loudness… i’m sure there is a step i’m missing but i can’t seem to figure it out. Shouldn’t the Master make those even out with the rest of the tracks?

Also, say I record a track… is it best to apply the voice shortcut that we recorded prior to putting into the multi track or… since the pre set multitrack has processing on it, its best to just leave the raw audio the way we recorded it into the voice track for Male voice?


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Thanks for your question @jgabriel - could you just confirm which presets you use? Pro Podcast Presets or The Adobe Audition Presets? Both are on version 3.0 right now :slight_smile:

Hi there @jgabriel and thanks for asking about the Adobe Audition Presets 3.0.

When you’re setting levels on any voice track it’s best to do it using Match Clip Loudness (right click menu) as shown here.

Set to -23 LUFS and all your audio will be a reasonable level to hit all the processing. If it’s too quite the processing will not be as effective. If too loud it’ll distort. This will make things just right.

Also, on processing the waveform before entering multitrack. I’d recommend against this as the presets have everything needed to make voices sound great!