HumbleBundle Magix bundle sale

I figured I might post here about this bundle since some of stuff is about images, web design, video or sound:

This bundle have:

1st tier just pay $1

  1. Soundpool: Stranger Synths - I believe these are sound loops
  2. Music Maker 80s Edition -
  3. MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe -

2nd tier just pay $19.07 and you get first tier as well

  1. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer -
  2. MAGIX Photostory Deluxe -
  3. Music Maker Hip Hop Beat Producer -

3rd tier just pay $20 and you get all 3 tiers

  1. Xara Web Designer Premium -
  2. MAGIX Vintage Effects Suite - apparently available as VST plug-in as well but it still needs win OS to install haven’t tried yet (VST2 Interface)
  3. VEGAS Pro 14 Edit -
  4. MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab -

Or pay more because humble bundle is about charities.

As I understood you need windows 64bit OS for softwares to install but then again entire bundle is near $1000 worth and you can get it all for $20 so if anyone is using windows you might check this out.

You have about 13 days and 6 hours since I last edited this post before sale is over.