How to use ReWire in Audition?

Hi, I’m trying to get ReWire working so I can use some of Reason’s synths and drums, and hopefully even to apply a rack effect in Reason to a track in Audition (don’t know if that can be done!)

I can’t see anywhere to enable ReWire in Audition CC. I know it used to be possible, ‘back in the day’…


Yes. They dropped support for it. Or deprecated it as they like to call it. Those were the days.
I use 64-bit soundgrid drivers as virtual audio to connect external Waves DSP routing.

Just add the new stereo studiorack plugin to an audio track in Multitrack and point to and load the sfx you want and you’re good to go.

I didn’t know you could run external soundcards in that way. Sounds like a really good idea, especially since I’m using a refurbished HP laptop!

Not so much a soundcard per se. At it’s essence, a soundcard is a A/D D/A convertor.
This system of off-loading DSP to a separate processor takes all the strain off your CPU and remains as a digital signal. A secondhand dell laptop with a thunderbolt connection can be used as a server with full editing facilities for a fully mobile live recording rig.

This is right up my street cos I compose all my music using the current version of Reason 10, which I think is Reason 10.4… It’s a very very good DAW to use on composing music, as for rewire, I’m not sure as to how it works to be honest, I just thought I’d share my passion for such a fabulously designed DAW. :slight_smile:

I’m just hoping to be ablle to use all the rack equipment to somehow process my stuff on Audition. I can’t afford all these Waves plugins (btw they have a sale at the moment - I’m going to write another post about that) so instead of breaking the bank I thought, “why can’t I just use some of the stuff on the Reason racks?” Don’t know if it’s possible though…

Then why not use ReWire in Studio One?
Free 30 day demo available here. Just create account first.

Just looked at it. It looks great!
But don’t they all?
Problem is, I’m already trying to learn Ableton, ProTools and Reaper.
I’m also redundant at the moment, so although the price is really good, I can’t afford it at the moment. I’d be keen to hear what people think of this DAW, it’s not one that I’d ever heard of before.
I know they did some good hardware, and I would have assumed that their DAWs would just have been something made to help sell the hardware. But it does look good. I like the way they try to make it compatible with all kinds of stuff, even other DAWs.

There’s a free version called PRIME and you can add to it bit by bit and build it to suit your needs.

Get in touch if I can help out in some way