How to remove hissing sound?

If I record and use the paid presets I get a very noticeable hissing sound that is not removed either with denoise or background noise removal. If I record in audacity and amplify it is also there but not as noticeable.

I’m using the SM7B mic with the SM7B profile. Using all presets except dynamics processing (this one just makes things sound really bad).

I feel like for $250 there should be a guide on individual settings (not just an overview youtube video)

@zorrotm could you please confirm if the sample posted is after you run it via presets (and if so which specific track and presets are you using?) and could you please post a sample that’s raw (not run via the presets). We can then try and troubleshoot for you from there.

Thanks for posting this sample @zorrotm - it is great that you’re here - I’m looking forward to helping! Would you please be able to confirm if this sample is before or after the presets?

As @Izabela mentions would you please be able to send a raw sample and a processed (by the presets) sample. Thank you!