How to record interviews on Skype?

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How do I setup Audition to record a Skype Interview with both recordings of mine and the interviewee directly onto my audition recordings or do I have to BUY a Mixer and plug in external some how?



Hi, Laurie!

At our station, we do use a free plugin for Skype called “Amolto Call Recorder”.

It allows you to define the audio device, whether you want to split the voice tracks or not. And let’s you also choose, where to store the records on your computer. Even the file name conditions can be manipulated by your will.

And if you can afford to pay a full license, there’s also the possibility to choose file format (WAV, mp3, etc.) AND to also record video, if you are having a video call on Skype.

To download the software click onto

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@SymeonRDF, I checked out this website but they only support for Windows PC and not MAC which I use.



Oh, that’s a pitty…
Sorry, I missed you’re a MAC-user.

In this case, it might be the easiest way to use an external USB-Soundcard (or Thunderbolt, if you prefer lower latencies).

In Skype you need to set up the external sound device for output, but keep your microphone on the input.

Then open the settings in Adobe Audition and start a multitrack session. Once open, you can set up the input for each track. For the track of your skype partner, you have to choose the external sound device dedicated for the Skype.
Your own voice will be recorded by choosing the sound device you are used to.

Unfortunately I am not that much familiar with MAC, but I heared about “soundflower” as a plugin for Skype on iOS. Which is kind of Amolto Call Recorder, but with less options, rather more rudimentary. At least it might work for your goals, as well?
Soundflower is suggested as one of the Mac-compatible equivalents to VAC. From what I can read on line, it sounds like it SHOULD be able to do the job. However, if it’s anything like VAC, the set up is a pain and takes a lot of fiddling to get things going where you want…so it might be worth playing some more. Also, I did some Googling and came up with another app called “Sound Siphon” which specifically says it can be used for streaming. It might be worth another try. Sound Siphon Alternatives and Similar Software -

Hopefully, this helps you for instance.

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Call recorder for Skype is one that most of my clients that are MAC users have. It’s not free but it’s good and has options to record video, split call in different channel (always recommended) export in different formats, etc…


Thanks @Saba Call Recorder for Skype looks perfect to do interviews for my Podcast like all things new I’ll be confident once I use it a few times and figure out how to record me on Audition at the same time then sync the two wave files together before mix down to mp3.

Good find thanks!!

@Laurie You can do parallel recording of your voice, I do recommend that and when I edit podcast I usually use that recording and guest from call recorder or what ever, because I’m not a fan of skype processing, and I try to avoid it when ever I can. Set audition to record only your line in, and there is probably option to record on separate channel what you hear, but I don’t use audition so I’m not sure. Afterwards you can sync your recording with recording from skype recorder, or outsource that task so you don’t have to worry about editing if you don’t have a time.

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Thanks @Saba I’m pretty sure I fully understand the setup and editing process for me now and quite confident to get this Interviews underway much sooner for my podcast than I first thought!!