How to produced voice overs with music beds

Hello mike, i was wondering if you have a tutorial on how to produce voice over with different kind of music genres or music beds for a mixshow intro

Many thanks for posting this!

This may be a good video to get started with: How to Mix a Voice Over with Music - Make Vocals Stand Out in SECONDS! - YouTube

Let us know what you struggle with the most in the process?

is there any effect i can add to the sfx and music fx or i should just leave it blank.

It just depends on what you are doing really. To start with it may be worth to keep it simple and gradually expand on the skills as you go along?

what the difference between (dynamics and dynamics processing) are they the same?
And which of them should i use when producing a jingle?

We have a video that explains just that :slight_smile: Adobe Audition Dynamics vs Dynamics Processing - YouTube

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thanks, really helps. but if i am producing multiple music with the voice over, how can i add the dynamics processing to the music track ?

You can add an effect to each single music track but a better way is to create a ‘bus’ track and send all music track outputs to that ‘bus’ then put desired effects (like Dynamic Processing) on the ‘bus’ instead of each track.

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Thanks Mike, never used this one, but going to use it in the feature, Can become very handy when making jingles for the radio.

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