How to Multistream without Restream using Nginx/Linux

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That is such a great tutorial @Hot_Jazz_Chick and pretty much what I’ve been doing (with a local server). If anyone is interested in my setup I’m using Obs Studio with my own Debian 9 RTMP server. I followed this tutorial to get everything working:

How to set up your own private RTMP server using nginx

It’s been pretty much rock solid from the start and I’m happy with it. Bandwidth can be an issue if you’re streaming in multiple places locally especially as you need a good upload speed (not download).

The rule is usually that your cap is around 70-80% of your maximum upload.

I have been streaming at 3000 Kbps to 4 different locations using 12000 Kbps of a maximum 19999 mbps upload pipe that I have access to. All has been good.

Today, for the first time, I created a server in the cloud to test this out. I used my cloud host of choice to do this - Linode

This is handy as their maximum upload speed is around 50x more than I have access too. That’s plenty of restreaming :wink: