How to get this great voice character?

I am new to this community and new with Adobe Audition CC. Mainly I will use to produce jingles, sweepers etc. for my small web radio station.

And I love dark brown voices. One of them you will hear in the audio file attached. Does one of you specialists have a hint how I can produce this style in Adobe Audition?

Thanks for your help.


Dear Mr. Blue Sky.
You need to hire a professional vocal impressionist that can do the Reginald D Hunter style gravel voice.

The character of the voice is one … but the echo and whatever effects is what I would love to do. That’s what I would like to have hints.

Rising pitch and tempo is best produced by drawing a controller envelope. ( you will need a longer raw track for this if you don’t want to timestretch )
Bass dropouts or top and tailing are best produced by running 2 identical tracks and just treating one with dropout then write and record mute points and track unmute points in sync until you find the best place to start and end the fx. Then add fast slapback echo and then add stereo expander and panning to suit.


Thank you, Arranger. I will try that.

I think definitely half of a success here is finding the right voice. Everything else is production skills of course - hard to give you specific feedback not knowing on what level your current skills are? Also a side note - one of Mike’s courses could be of interest for learning audio production:

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Thank you Izabela. My skills are really poor as so far I produced jingles and sweepers for our web radio project with very simple software and used Adobe Audition 3.0 only to add some effects.

Thanks also for the side note but that is far apart from what I could spend for such a course. I guess I will have to study the written tutorials and some of Mike’s youtube advises. I know myself … I am unpatient and want to do the most sensational effects now :slight_smile:


Haha well one step at a time. Mike’s YouTube is a huge library of free training so I am sure bit by bit you will get there!

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@mike just had a free audio production masterclass which has a replay that is only available until Friday the 8th of February 2019 click here to view it.

if that doesn’t work out have a look @Mike’s YouTube Channel because itis full of amazing tutorials that’s where i learnt to produce audio :smile:

how possible to get that course please ?

Hi @spidermycron the free courses were a while ago but you can buy them at