How to get Stream Deck to work with Audition/Multitrack.... HELP, PLEASE!

So I recently got a Stream Deck and want to use it with podcast. My pod is just an audio pod, not live but would like to incorporate the stream deck for quick clips, SFX and hotkeys. What I want to do is record the pod and be able to use the Stream Deck sounds as well but can’t figure it out as its either my Mic or stream deck works but both don’t work when I try to record. I was told it had to do with my audio settings so I need help with this as well. In the end I want to record my pod and be able to play clips etc off Stream deck while recording. Example, My mic works and sounds fine but when I play the stream deck clip its doesn’t come in on the recording.

What I use: Adobe audition, Scarlett Mic with USB connection, and Stream Deck w/ USB connection as well. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again


If you’re playing audio clips via Stream Deck you’ll need to make sure Audition can pick up “what you hear” from the computer.

In most cases this won’t be possible just as you’d experience with trying to record a Skype call for example.

You’re best to look into software solutions to route the audio like Loopback (Mac) or using a mixing desk with audio interface plugged into a channel so you can record and mix clips together.

Was able to get working with another software… Thank you so much for the help. CHeers