How to get a different Speech on Adobe Audition for Windows Users?

Hello Everyone,
Please, I need your help, I am a Windows 10 User and I download about 10 Microsoft language speech’s from different country to use it on Audition but on Audition its shows me English US & UK only, Does anyone know how to use the other speeches on Audition?
I searched a lot and everywhere but most of the video on YouTube and on another websites, They show only the support for Mac user and I am a Windows user.
And I need to finish this project, I am trying to make a DJ Intro and DJ Drop for my career but I can’t because I don’t have a Mic and sound equipment now because I just moved to live in Russian & all my stuff in Egypt and it will take some time till I buy a new sound equipment from here and for this station I want to use Speech to help me to finish this project.
I know most of you using Mac but maybe I will find here a windows user or maybe you can suggest to me with a name of the best software to use it for text to speech.
Thanks and wish you all have a nice day.
Sorry, if there is a mistake in my English

Hello @DJValentinoAM, I’ve been searching about your problem but I cannot find anything for Windows. I’m a windows user myself. The only thing I can suggest you is this pages, the first one better that the other but I hope it helps. I used the first one for a project that I publish in here by the name of “Dog’s Diary” try to listen to it and see what you can do with this pages.


From text to Speech

Charles Van Winkle gives some excellent suggestions at the 30 minute mark of this Adobe Audition Podcast episode:

The main company he mentions for different speech voices is called Cepstral: