How to fix this problem?


Can you please help me to correct this sound ?

It sounds like Ai ? How can I fix it ?

Is there a term for this problem in sound engineering ?


Hi Mohammed,
What exactly is your problem, it sounds clear… But probably not what you want to hear…
So can you give more information what you like to hear?
What do you mean by: It sounds like Ai ? Normally Ai stands for Adobe Illustrator… :smiley:

Hi Pablo,thx for reply.

Please listen carfully how he pronounced the word “my” .
i mean AI artificial intelligence.

Hi Mohammed

Now I hear what you mean by pointing it out…
So I did for you some adjustments on the word My…Slope it down from -7db into 3 steps from -12 db to -17 db at the end of the word My…
So I hope that this is what you mean to bring the “plop” at the end down…

This does sound like AI glitching of a voice as AI can’t express realistic emotions (yet) so simply strings words together you sometimes get this glitching. It’s typical of many computer generated voices.

However, if it’s a real person recorded on a microphone into Adobe Audition you may want to check your I/O buffer size and perhaps increase it slightly then record again. I/O buffer is under Preferences > Audio Hardware settings.