How To Equalize Audio Levels Using Presets

Hi. I believe there is a way to equalize the audio levels of a podcast using the presets, but I do not yet understand how to do this.

I record my podcasts in three pieces - the interview, and introduction, and what I call an “outro” that goes after the interview.

And then I put these three pieces together.

Can anyone help me understand the process and steps I would use for taking the final file and getting the audio to be equalized so that it sounds pretty much the same throughout?

Thanks. Tony Wright

Hi @TonyGIG I’m so glad you’re using the Pro Podcast Presets.

You certainly can EQ all of the host tracks using the ‘Parametric Equalizer’ effect that you’ll find on each host track.

If you are recording those three sections on the same mic in the same place they should all sound alike anyway so you may only have to do this once on one track.

If you’d like to EQ the overall sound of your podcast you can simply insert a ‘Parametric Equalizer’ effect onto the final Master mix channel and tweak it to your own desire. If doing this the optimum setting would be to move the last Hard Limiter on effect track 3 down to effect track 4 and place the Parametric Equalizer in effect track 3. You’ll find parametric EQ under Effects > Filter & EQ > Parametric Equalizer.

Thanks for this Mike. Not sure I totally understand your guidance on this yet, but I will experiment!!