How to connect DBX (mono output) with stereo mixer (input)

Problem solved: I now use a 6,3 mono jack to 2 RCA mono and now I have sound on both channels in my stereo mixer!

Hi there!

I have a question that drives me mad.

I have connected my mic into de DBX286S.

Then I want the output of the DBX as input in my stereo mixer (2x RCA line in).
But then I only get sound on one side.

That is not something I want for my radioshow.

Do you have the solution so that the mono output of the DBX can become a two channel sound in my mixer?

Thank you so much.

Kind regards,

Why did you connected it to RCA? You should go from DBX to mic input on your mixing desk.

Hi Saba,
I connected to RCA, because otherwise when connecting to mic input (XLR) the signal level is too high, causing overamplification. (Line level is approx. 1 volt, mic signal is between 0.001 / 0.010 volt).

But as I mentioned: the problem is now solved with a correct mono cable :slight_smile: