How to click clips together automatically on multible tracks

I’m editing long multi-track audio files with speech. I cut both the conversation and I cut the sound on the tracks where nothing is said. This means that in the end I am left with a large amount of clips spread over several hours and in several tracks. Therefore, I have to manually move the clips to match each other, also in relation to the tracks. Unfortunately, I cannot show here what I mean, so I hope my explanation makes sense. My question is if anyone knows of a method where you can assemble the clips automatically on several tracks.

You’d need to provide a little more of an example for me to really dial in on this. However, a couple of ideas that come to mind are Ripple Delete and the ability to Group waveforms together in the Adobe Audition multitrack to keep files together when editing and cut down on gaps in your recording.

Yes I was afraid of that :slight_smile: It is difficult for me to explain. I want to automatically remove the space between clips, but it needs to be in a way that they snaps to the closest clip, regardless of which track it is on. Maybe this image can show what I would like to. A lot of thank from here… for everything you share with us.