How to clean up audio from church services

Many churches are now doing online video services. There are a whole mix of sound challenges here.

  1. Various participant voice / microphone / sound level
  2. Musical input organ / piano / guitar etc
  3. Home recorded inserts

How does one use Adobe Audition to clean up a sample like this?

Daryl from Canada

hi daryl, ive listened to the video but it is not so bad at all. When you want to sound online great you should be mixing the different sources live. You also need good compressing and limiting at the end before you send it to youtube or any platform. If you want to use Adobe Audition for cleaning you need to have all sources on different tracks and work with eq, de-noise, de-ess, de-reverb or something to blend it all together. Leveling is also very important.
good luck!

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I would completely agree with @studioavm - ideally you will want to have all different audio tracks as individual files to work with, if that’s not possible you will need to separate the files yourself and apply varying treatment to each part as they all require something different :wink: I am sure Mike’s YouTube channel will offer a lot of help for all various parts. If you have any specific questions - do post specific parts of the video for people to check and comment on - as otherwise it’s impossible to give solid advice.