How to choose music?

I don’t know if I’m the only one here, but I find it really hard to keep up with all the music coming out, and when I want to make a mashup or mix, I find it really hard to choose which songs to use.
I can get key and BPM (I studied composition) but I still find it really hard to choose which songs go together…
Anyone else the same?

There are loads of mixes on YouTube, Spotify etc. Find out what your mates are listening to. I’m sure you’ll find inspiration amongst them. Start with what you know and dive down the rabbit hole on an incredible journey.

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Not only is key and BPM important, but there is a third important element – MOOD. The mood your in should help dictate the music you choose. For example, if you’re feeling love, then love songs are the ones to use. The style of music is up to you. This is what makes mood important.

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My music dictates my mood. Sitting in traffic depresses my mood. Music to the rescue.

Check out Mixed in Key - that software is magic!

Yeah, got that… and there’s the DJ pro and Spotify combo, which I also got.
You did a video on how to use the latter two a while back, I remember watching it last year… can’t find it for the life of me now: has it been deleted?
The problem I found with DJ pro is you can’t record a mix using Spotify songs unless you actually have a actual copy of the music on your hard drive. So you have to choose very carefully what songs you are going to use in Audition because you’re going to have to buy them. Which, I suppose, is fair but still you have to bear this in mind!

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