How to adjust for Latency

Mike, can you please do a tutorial on how you deal, or have dealt with Latency when recording to Audition, and possibly the causes? Thanks…Fritz

Thanks, Fritz.

This is a great suggestion that I can certainly cover in a future live stream!

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Mike… the tutorial on latency is fab… however I am running into a totally different latency issue… let’s say I have a karaoke file and I am going to record someone singing the lyrics. The latency doesn’t happen in the headphones but when it does happen, it happens in the actually multi-track recording (which has no effects added.

Setup is… Track one includes the karaoke file
Track 2 is the vocal being recorded.

As the vocals recording continues… the latency get worse to the point where we are off by a few seconds if not more. Any thoughts why this might be happening?


Great question both of you!

I recently dedicated a live stream to latency issues in Adobe Audition CC. I hope this helps :slight_smile: