How to achieve a certain voice effect?


How do I achieve this kind of effect in a voice? Any links or videos explaining how to achieve this? Here is the sample:

Thanks for sharing Fred, are you looking for a voice similar to this or sound of your voice to be in the same quality?

If latter the only way to achieve this is through good recording equipment :slight_smile:

The voice has pitchy treble effect how do you achieve that.

It would likely be Pete, Andrew or Danny? Hope one of those is close enough!

Welcome to the MRC community @fredkiwma :slight_smile:

What editing software do you use? It is very simple to achieve with Adobe Audition :slight_smile:

I use adobe audition, please share how I can achieve this

Hello @fredkiwma,

Have a play around with the ‘FFT Filter’ and ‘Scientific Filter’ and roll off the low end. you can also have a play with the pre loaded presets


The MRC Presets have a preset to achieve exactly what your looking for and are available for purchase -

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile:

Hello, I just wanted to let you know guys that I paid for the The Adobe Audition Presets v3.0 and got fantastic results :
its really worth what I paid. (I’m attaching my work example here!)


Thanks for sharing @spidermycron!

@fredkiwma you should cut low frequency till 250hz als add some 1-3 db around 3khz, compress voice 4-6 ratio then make up gain rhis should work for something like this,also you can add some reverb at the end just to fill space.