How can I achieve deep and punchy bass kind of great audio in Audition

Dear Mike…

Thank you for your great videos. You are helping us a lot.

Recently I heard a audio in a Youtube channel which one with a very attractive voice. Definitely his voice is very good. On top of that he synthesized the audio a lot with deep bass.

I want to know how he achieved the kind of attractive bass in his voice.

I am providing the Youtube video link below: (Just please take the voice only… ignore the audio language.)

If some you can make a video how to achieve this kind of deep & punchy base voice in Adobe Audition is very appreciated.

I can for certain get this on my list of videos to make.

A slight boost at around 200 Hz will get you started (either in Graphic Equalizer or Parametric Equalizer). There’s also some Studio Reverb on the voice with a short decay time.

Thank you Mike…

I tried with short decay reverb and voice doubler on my voice… but unable to achieve it… yeah I know I don’t have that much good knowledge with audio parameters.

I will wait for your video…