How about a show on mastering

…just a thought…

Is there anything you’re especially keen to learn about audio mastering @David?

well, my main use for right now is this. Once a month, I broadcast an interview. I record it on a Zoom mobile recorder. It is just me and a guest talking. I then edit in music through it. What should I do to make that audio sound at its best Mike? Should I just normalise & EQ or should I then master. I have just recorded next months one this afternoon so will start the edit in the next week. What should I be doing? I was told about an Izotope mastering plug in. Would that help for instance? Do you think doing a stream on mastering may be a good topic? Missed the live stream today - going to watch it now. Really hooked on your streams…really hooked!

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@David, I’m just curious which pattern you are using to record on your Zoom and are you getting fairly even level volumes from the interviewer and interviewee?

I have lots of questions when it comes to mastering as well like…when use Mastering in Special should that only be used on a completed product with voice and music already mixed together, @Mike?

hi Paul - I use it in wav file > lo cut on > auto level off. The audio is great as I often have to record on site at gigs in changing rooms etc. I am just trying to work out how to make that sound as good as I possibly can


Gotcha @David I wonder if @Mike is going to say ENCN - Equalize, Normalize, Compress and Normalize or something more specific for your field audio.

Great idea for a stream. Make sure to vote this topic up guys!