Help with Kensington Wired Trackball mouse

Ciao friends! Any other Trackball users noticesome features have changed when using the Kensington Wired Trackball mouse in Audition on PC running Win10? For me, the Scroll feature in multitrack is slow ONLY when scrolling thru the Media Browser tab. ALSO, the mouse is not recognized by the PC…but it works?! I open Kensington works and get the prompt to plug in the mouse and select which one you have. Kensignton support has “no idea what’s going on”. Any suggestions from other users?

Hey there! Some users have fixed similar issues by updating the Kensington Works software or rolling back to a previous version. Also, try running Audition as an admin to see if it improves the scroll speed in the Media Browser tab. Strange that it’s working but not recognized but perhaps a clean uninstall/reinstall of the mouse drivers solves such quirks.