Help! Radio Show Name

I’m starting an online radio show in less than a month and I can’t nail down a name.
It will be Hip Hop (Common, Roots, Gangstarr), Rap, (Lupe, Nas), Neo Soul, and Trip Hop.

I like Flow Radio, but need a name before Flow. I want edgy, feminine, and aligned with the genres.

I was thinking Honey Flow Radio but that got mixed reviews.


A warm welcome to the community @DJJess412 and thanks for asking about the name for your online radio show.

It sounds good to me but I’m sure others will have opinions too!

Well @DJJess412 let’s see now …

  1. Love Flow Radio ( edgy double meaning )
  2. Girl’s Flow Radio ( I know I know, the jokes write themselves )
  3. Jessie’s Flow ( take off of Jessie’s Girl from the 80’s )
    4 DJ Flow Radio ( generic as hell but viable )
  4. Hard Flow Radio w/ DJ Jessie ( meets genre reqs )

And here’s a free piece of advice … to include the term or to refer to yourself on air as Dj Jessie sets up more of a “club vibe” expectation vs " I’m (your on air name)" which is more of a radio feel

Just my 2 cents

Welcome, DJ Jess To the Music Radio Creative Community. You came to the right place. It looks like you’re on the right track. It’s not easy to come up with the right, fitting name for your station. However, it’s very rewarding when you do. Here’s my suggestion to you: First, Honey Flow Radio sounds good. It’s fits your profile. Second, if that doesn’t pan out for you, then try Beyond the Velvet Rope with DJ Jess. That name has a mysterious allure to it. Whatever name you choose, consider Music Radio Creative for all your DJ Drops and jingles.