Help needed for a reoccurring problem that I can't seem to isolate

This one is a bit weird as it is extremely random and really seems to show itself with the talent is working on long form narration. What I end up is getting very regular clicking through out the recording that will just start out of no where and end just as abruptly. It happened with my focusrite 2i2 and CAD e100s mic and is now happening with my UA Apollo and TLM 103 so I am not sure it is mic related specifically. I am actually thinking headphone but see if any of you can help. DeClicker works but long process is there a better way to denoise this audio? Here is what I am talking about if it loads.

Try to borrow usb hub with it’s own power supply and try that, if your audio interface is powered only with usb.

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Thanks Saba i appreciate the assistance. That’s not the case here as the Apollo is firewire and the TLM 103 is xlr to the Apollo so no devices other than the keyboard and mouse are attached via USB.

@Will_Eastridge How do you power your Apollo?

It is plugged into a power conditioner which I have also checked out as well as the individual circuit that is dedicated to that outlet. It is a very annoying thing to happen and it is not a regular enough occurance to nail down anything specific. It is such a short signal chain that you would think it would be easy.

OK, so you changed audio interface and microphone. What about your PC or MAC. Form all this I can only conclude that only thing that these two interfaces had the same is your PC and DAW, Try another PC and record on it. This is the only way you can troubleshoot this.

Try reinstalling or updating your drivers.

If anyone cares, as I know this is an old post, but a screw was loose on the mic housing.

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Great to hear it was simply a hardware issue @Will_Eastridge. Sometimes the most simple solutions are right there in front of us :slight_smile: