Headphone for voiceovers production

Hi Mike,

I’m seeking your advice or a recommendation for a video tutorial on my current query.

I’m planning to produce voiceovers such as DJ drops, radio imaging, and spoken jingles, and won’t be engaging in any recording. I’ll be using the Audio-Technica M40x headphones which will be plugged direct to my Macbook pro.

Monitors are something I’ll consider later on. Since my focus is solely on production without recording, do you think it’s necessary to invest in monitors?

Starting on a budget, I’d like to begin with headphones. Do you recommend the use of a USB audio interface for my setup? If so, which budget-friendly brand of audio interface would you suggest under $100. ?

Great question!

For voiceovers you don’t need a complex setup. Just use a good pair of headphones for accurate audio monitoring. A great budget friendly USB audio interface is the Focusrite Scarlett Solo or the 2i2 for a second input - perfect for high quality sound on various devices.

Consider budget monitors like JBL if needed later. For now thought headphones and the Scarlett are enough. Happy producing!

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