Getting music from record labels

Has anyone tried reaching out to labels requesting music? Are they receptive or do they blow you off? Being that this station is primarily 70’s music, where could I go to request song “original” music?

We just started a new station/stream within the last week. We are still in the tweaking mode. Unfortunately, a lot of my files are old and I have been trying to get higher quality song files. I’ve been lucky that I was able to rip about 35% of the music into 320kbps mp3 files, but that leaves a good chunk that doesn’t sound good/right to my ears (they are 128kbps mp3 files that have been edited, saved and re-saved many times over for many years).

For the music I want to replace, I can probably purchase them (which I have no issue doing), but trying to find the original recording is a challenge. Most of these re-recordings from the original artist 30-40 years later really aren’t as good as what the originals were. I was just wondering if anyone had success getting music from record labels.


There’s certainly no harm in trying. I’d reach out to some of the major labels maybe interact with them a little on social media too so they get to know you.

When I worked in radio I remember we used to get CDs from record labels every day! It may be that it has all changed now there is the possibility to send audio via MP3 file.

Let us know how you get on, Louis!