Getting Host and Guest on Different Tracks Using a Soundcraft Notepad Mixer

I recently had an email from a podcaster who had been recording remote podcasts using Zoom and was using Zoom to record separate audio tracks.

They are now doing in person podcasts.

Now, when they finish the talk both host and the guest audio is on one audio track.

They wanted to know if there is a way to still be on separate tracks when recording two speakers through two separate dbx 286s units into one Soundcraft Notepad mixer.

I mentioned that the Soundcraft Notepad desks don’t have multitrack ability like some other desks (Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK and RØDECaster Pro).

There is one way you could do it. A little less elegant but should work for one host one guest in the same room.

Pan host mic all the way to the left and guest mic all the way right.

Then set the host track in Audition to use track 1 output from your desk and the guest track to use track 2 output from your desk.

You would, of course, hear your voice in the left ear and guest in the right ear unless you hit the “Mono Line Out” button for your headphones.

Any better ideas please feel free to add your thoughts below :slight_smile:

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