Genre List in Adobe Audition 3

Hi All,

Could someone show me where I can customise the Genre Picklist which appears in :

(With Audio File loaded)

File > File Info
“Text Fields” Tab
“Text Field Names” Field set to : MP3 (ID3 Tag)

I would like to replace this list with my own custom Genre list, as because my Genres are not listed, the Genre I have already entered in the ID3 Tag is being replaced with “Other” every time I export a file, causing unnecessary re-work.

I haven’t found anything obvious in the GUI to do this. Maybe there is a .dat file, Registry entry or something like that which could be amended, but again can’t see one ?

Many Thanks

Thanks for the question on ID3 tags in Adobe Audition 3. As this is old software I’m not able to test. However, in the latest Adobe Audition CC you’re able to type your own genres in the genre box on the ID3 tag screen (shortcut [CTRL/CMD] & [P]).

Thanks Mike.

Sadly my Genre field in AA3 is locked to a picklist. I don’t know if this part of the AA3 design or a fault in my install.

Would love to update to the latest AA, but am not in a position to take on a regular subscription. I think this was the worst day’s work Adobe ever did. The audio work I do is all voluntary (A Talking Newspaper For The Blind and a Radio Station), and I did try to appeal to Adobe for a concession as they do with students etc, but what they offered was very little, so sadly I am looking for an alternative DAW, but the choice is a bit mind blowing, and as I don’t make music and do more editing and mastering than anything else, perhaps I should be looking for a different type of pro editor. Shame as there is no much excellent information on AA on this forum and the MRC You Tube tutorials, and I also have a friend who is an AA expert, so I don’t really want to change, but Adobe leave me no choice :frowning:


Whilst it’s frustrating not being able to accomplish everything in your DAW Audition 3.0 is now 20 years old and the latest versions of CC include many features you’d probably benefit from including custom Genre.

Have you considered using a third party tag application to tag your files after you’ve processed them in Audition.

MP3 tag just does what it says and could easily solve your problem.