Fuzzy/Vibrating voice in AA

I have hunted everywhere and can’t find a faster fix for this problem. Other than fixing my voice (working on it). At times my voice has a vibration, coming from the back of my throat, that makes the odd word sound fuzzy/static-y/vibration-y.
It appears in the spectral area as 5-6 tight knit vertical bars - which I can clean up… With 5-6 swipes of the Spot Healer.
I’d prefer to fix it faster, maybe with a highlight and a keyboard shortcut.
I’m uploading the spectral before and after. (As a newcomer here, I can only upload one file - and I think my screenshot tells more of the story than the audio).
Many thanks for any attention you can throw my way. I’m so impressed by the knowledge floating around here.

HERE is the audio… The last part of the word HIGH is where the issue occurs.

Since manually removing them with the Spot Healing brush is too time consuming take a look at multiband compression and focus one band of compression around the frequencies where this sound occurs. Experiment with harder ratios and thresholds to see if it makes a difference. This is not a background noise so noise reduction wouldn’t be needed here. It’s more of an EQ issue that the Multiband Compressor will help with.