Free multitrack for mixing practice purposes

Hi guys! I found a website where we can download different music multitracks for free so we can practice mixing and mastering. If you are interesting on it, here is the link:

Free multitracks

Cheers! :metal::metal::metal:


Thanks, @Juanmapinker!

This will keep me busy and improve my mixing skills!


Thanks @Juanmapinker - looks like an interesting resource.

Im sure the content is great but I wish the website was better organised and didnt have a 1994 design feel to it :rofl:


Yes you are right on the design thing :joy:

Its a bad design and not very appealing to a hungry music editor.

Thank you @Juanmapinker. I agree! That site desperately needs an upgrade to this decade, at the very least. :rofl: