Free Laser Sound Effects

Here they are! 18 different laser sound effects as a free download:

Free Laser Sound Effects (23 MB)

I created these in Adobe Audition using Generate Tones, Audacity using Generate Chirp and Logic Pro X using the Retro Synth (on FM setting) and the legendary ES2 synthesizer. Then some EQ, compression and a good washing in a large room plate reverb.

Grab them and enjoy making playing with laser SFX to your :heart: content!


Thank you so much Mike for adding all these free sounds. I am grabbing everything…

Can’t wait for the risers to come out hahaha I need more

Ha ha :smiley:

Grab away, grab away… I’d love to hear what you make over in Share Your Projects @Joe_Salmi :+1:

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Thanks for that @Mike great to Get new knowledge… You are the best