Follow Up Friday

Wouldn’t it be great to have a dedicated weekly live show just to cover the questions asked on here and demonstrate the solutions and fixes. Loving all the great tips on here.
I would like to get some help on microphone tips for making and sending vocal demos.

Having a themed thread on "So You Want To Be A Voiceover Artist … " would be great too!

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That is actually a pretty good idea. I like it

Great idea, indeed!
Thanks for initiating it to the community, @Hot_Jazz_Chick.

Yes great idea I like that too @Hot_Jazz_Chick

Great suggestion!

I’m doing my best to bring elements of the community (questions, feedback and even creations) into the daily live streams. I like the idea of a full show for this. Thanks for the idea @Hot_Jazz_Chick.

Get your questions in now in time for Follow Up Friday …

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