First imaging project for another station - eeek! :)

Hey gang - long time fan of MRC and visitor to these here (community) shores.

I have been creating station imaging and radio ads for a good few years, mostly for stations I have been involved in from community to ILR and always using other people voices.

I’ve recently tried to venture out a bit what with this lockdown etc, and am doing a project for an online station in Canada (I’m UK). This is a series of firsts…

First project for someone else…
First time using Adobe CC (usually 3.0) and
First time producing MY OWN voice

I’d love your feedback (good and constructive!) on the audio I’ve produced here

Thanks all :slight_smile:


Nice crispy lots of air, i like that. Maybe you should put some different efx on your voice,just for fun.

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okay … the good
Production wise, levels are good, crisp with ZERO distortion

Not trying to be mean … the accent distracts from the project and it could have been written a bit better for flow

In this case … there’s nothing ugly about this project. just slightly better flow & a different v/artist

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Thanks for your comments, I usually write as I have done for years but this was specific to the client, and I am working on toning the accent down a bit - thank you again for your comments though :slight_smile:

I would agree with a previous comment on making a wider and better use of vocal fx and perhaps more variety of sound fx too as it sounded like a lot of the same fx were used multiple times. Other than that not bad at all!

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Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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I’ll be investing in some production elements soon, but being unemployed at the moment has put a squeeze on what I can reasonably spend, but it’s a work in progress :slight_smile:


We have a TON of freebies available here: also if you are our email list subscriber we send freebies every other week (includes sound fx and music tracks). Aside from that we have a half price offer on at least one of our production libraries every month at the moment:

Hope this helps!

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Hello, Lee.

I listened to your first project and I will say you did a pretty good job. The vocals were crisp and clear. The effects were well done. I would like to recommend you do is try different variants on your tone. It will bring more drive to the project. This being the first project with you as the artist, it’s not a bad job.

Thank You, Izabela!
It helped!

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