Feedback For A Newbie, Please. :)

Hi all,
I’ve been looking to get back into radio after a rather long hiatus, and have found I really enjoy production work. I had the opportunity to do some pro bono work for a local heavy metal online radio station and here are the results. They were well received, but I wanted to share them with other who are more objective for more feedback. I’m going to go ahead and apologize now to any actual Brits for the UK Style one. The guy who requested the work loves it, but I have to wonder what folks in England might think about it! Thanks!

These are a lot of fun! Like 'em. Only thing I would say is that, to my ears, the voices don’t punch through the music enough. For example, I couldn’t hear what was being said until I got to the Scottish voice saying ‘tosser’ on clip 1. Slipped on some headphones to listen again, and it was better, but had to concentrate. Perhaps it’s just me, so would be interested to hear what others say.
Love the ideas behind them all though, and the builds, pauses and hard-hit elements really work.

Can’t disagree. Although they sounded fine on the headphones I was wearing when I made them and on a different system, when I listened to them again on my main system before posting, I felt like the bed was burying the voice a little in some parts. That surprised me, because I didn’t remember it being an issue.

Thanks for the feedback, though! I’m mostly drawn to “high concept” stuff, and so I rarely create straight-forward drops. I should probably make some anyway, as they do tend to be the bread-n-butter, so to speak.

Love the concept stuff. There are only so many straightforward whiz bang drops you can hear before they turn into wallpaper. Telling a bit of a story along the way, as you’ve done with these, grabs my ears more.

For technical reasons, I cringe when I listen back to this recording, but I love doing stuff like this:

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Nothing cringe-worthy there that I hear! I quite like that! And you’ve got a better voice for that than I do. I struggle to sound like anyone but me most of the time.

And, I agree, all the drops can get a bit generic after a bit. Give me something to inspire me and I’m off to the races!