Erase the vocal request

Hello guys and good day

I have a request, a request where a vocal of the song must erase to produce an instrumental which I very very need and I appreciate anyone who can erase the vocal of this song.

Please I’m begging you guys and hope someone take notice of this request

Title of the song: Chiisana koi no uta

I will wait please everyone I hope this request will not go to the trash

God bless everyone

Greetings, Lenard.

There’s a video on YouTube that Mike created on this subject. Go to YouTube and search for Mike Russell. While you’re at it, check out his other tutorials. You won’t be disappointed.

Greetings Suhovsky68 I already checked that video audacity and Izotope of his but unfortunately the vocal isn’t erased but the vocal is only lowered … So I’m asking a request from all of you guys because I really need it… Please? :sweat: