Elgato Stream Deck audio soundboard not working on live streams

I have added several sound bytes and loaded them on my Elgato Stream Deck to be played on livestream. I can hear them in my headset, but my audience cannot hear them at all.

You’ll want to check the sound output you select in the Elgato Stream Deck settings. It’s usually assigned for each audio hotkey and labeled Output
There are more details on this on this Elgato help article.

If you still have issues where your audience cannot hear you may need to use Loopback (Mac) or Virtual Audio Cable (PC) to route the audio into your live stream/show.

The weird thing is, there is no output selection in the elgato software I am using for mac. Guess I will look into using Loopback.

I am also trying to see which audio mixer i can use for my streams and apparently Go XLR doesn’t work on a mac. Can you recommend a mixer i can use for my stream so i can hear all audio, including all sound alerts my audience hears, in my headset?