Editing Interviews for a Podcast in Audition

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This may have been discussed before, but I couldn’t find a thread.

I am trying to edit podcasts exclusively in Audition now, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to edit mulitple files at once to sync up audio, like I can in Audacity. I have two to four speakers in each podcast episode and I need to figure out what I’m missing to edit each interview correctly.

@Izabela @Mike Any suggestion/direction would be very helpful!

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Hi @melscrogg - thanks for posting your question! The very first thing worth to ask here - are you editing inside the multitrack? As that would seem to answer all of you problems really :slight_smile: Mike has done a number of videos showing how to edit inside multitrack in Adobe. Take a look at the list of those here: https://www.youtube.com/musicradiocreative/search?query=multitrack

@Izabela, no I’m interested in editing each interview audio track in the waveform window (but at the same time, so, cutting all tracks together), then mastering in multitrack. I’ve watched Mike’s videos about editing podcasts in the multitrack but is there a way to edit the raw audio in waveform before bringing those tracks into the multitrack?

Whilst I appreciate this is a tempting way (and to start with may seem more intuitive) - trust me - this is the worst way you can go about editing audio in general. Waveform editing is destructive and doesn’t allow you to see the edits and make tweaks as you go along. Once you get used to editing in multitrack you actually will find it much easier and as a result faster too. You can set multiple shortcuts too to help you (I strongly suggest getting familiar with ripple delete option - life saver on so many levels!). Sadly there is no other way to edit multiple tracks at the same time in Adobe Audition. Multitrack is the only way to do it. Hope that helps Mel!

@Izabela, yes that helps! I currently edit podcasts in Audacity which has an editing bay that acts as both a single waveform editor and a multitrack editor so I was looking for the best way to edit in Audition when I transition. I’ll review Mike’s videos again. I appreciate you taking the time to respond!

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@Izabela, in one of Mike’s videos he goes through “polywave” that is EXACTLY what I’ve been wondering about. Phew! Thanks so much!

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No problem at all @melscrogg and glad you found what you were looking for!