Echo or Delay in Drop

Hi guys i have attached a voice over or drop file to listen to n u will notice that at the start there is a effect that was added before the actual words were heard so am asking u guys to give me a debrief on how to achieve some a result pliz!
I will be grateful, thank u

This sounds like an echo bounce to me.

To create an echo effect in Adobe Audition, you can use the “Delay” effect. Here are the steps to create an echo bounce:

  1. Open Adobe Audition and import the audio file you want to add the echo effect to.
  2. In the Effects menu, select Time & Pitch > Delay.
  3. In the Delay settings, set the “Delay Time” to the desired duration of the echo. You can also adjust the “Feedback” to control the number of echoes.
  4. If you want the echo to be louder or quieter than the original audio, you can adjust the “Wet/Dry Mix” setting.
  5. Press the Preview button to hear the effect applied to the selected audio.
  6. Once you are satisfied with the settings, press the OK button to apply the effect.

Note that, depending on the audio content, you might want to apply some other effects such as equalization and compression to enhance the final audio quality.

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Wow, i never heard that in mind but lemme work upon t and see