Do I need to get a DAC/AMP for the DT 770 Pro 80 OHMs?

I want to buy these headphones as I heard they were really good closed backs. I can’t have open backs for specific reasons I would not like to share. These would stay strictly at my desktop for home use and nowhere else. Mostly gaming, some music and also YouTube videos. I’ve heard from many people that to get the most out of these headphones, I should buy a DAC and an AMP and use that to make the sound louder and better. Only thing is is that I’m not going to buy it if I don’t have to. I’d be more than willing to do so, however if it isn’t required then I won’t buy it. It would just be plugged into my PC’s 3.5MM headphone jack, which is an ASUS H-170 PRO with the Realtek ALC887 Code-on with it. If you guys do want me to buy a DAC and an AMP, I have my eye on two that are relatively cheap for the price.

I’ve heard from people and reviews that both make the audio quality much better when using them, and they’re also very inexpensive.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Cheap means hiss. Bear that in mind.
80 ohm version are fine on their own, but if you need to pump bass get the 250 version and an amp.


Alright, will keep that in mind.