Distortion when using Denoise in Adobe Audition

The Denoise feature in Adobe Audition is awesome! However, I am experiencing a 3-second distortion at the beginning of my track after exporting to .wav file. Via the Adobe boards, I understand this is a glitch in the Denoise feature in which this short period is a “catch up” period for Audition to remember the denoise settings. Has anyone experienced this and found a workaround. I am an amateur hoping to be able to utilize the ease of this FX moving forward without the distorted beginning.

I’ve not heard this before with DeNoise. Are you applying in Waveform or Multitrack?

Multitrack. And the delay only occurs when listening to exported file.

It may be a case of your CPU not keeping up with the rendering of DeNoise perhaps.

You could try pre-rendering the effect and listen to find if the same thing happens?

This is the button to click on your Effects Rack to pre-render: